Vintage Fur: To Wear or Not. The Ethical Dilemma

TRS Woman Modeling Vintage Fur Clothing

Fur is always a hot topic in fashion. Any animal product is under scrutiny as we as a society change our buying patterns and learn from our mistakes. So here we have to ask: Vintage fur: OK to wear?

It’s a hard and personal topic. It’s an answer that is different for everyone and my answer today may change in the future. And that’s OK.

Historically, Fur was a necessity in cold climates for man to survive harsh winters. Without modern textiles, our ancestors needed furs and animal products to survive. Then in modern times it became a sign of wealth and fashion.

But today what do we do with our grandmothers mink coat? My opinion may be unpopular but I say wear it. It would be a waste to just throw it away.

Source: Vouge

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